Trend – Hair Chalk Colors

Hair Chalk

Color is beautiful. The trend these days is the pastel chalk look in sections of your hair. Has anyone tried it? Please share in the comments.

I bought a blue hair chalk a long time ago from a grocery store in Utah called Macey’s. I thought it was bizarre it was for sale in a grocery store but oh well. I didn’t go seeking it out. It happened to become an impulse buy for me. I believe it cost me something like $8 too! Crazy. And still to this day I haven’t used it.

We women buy things with good intentions. Like we plan on using these products and then they sit in our house collecting dust. Why do we do this? Do we enjoy wasting money on a product just because it looks enticing? I think not. But that’s what happens.

When will we learn from this mistake? Maybe generations of women will continue this habit. Maybe we figure out the link between our shopping habits and our emotions. Maybe we should look at what our habits look like to outsiders. Kinda like hoarding. Sad, isn’t it? And every once in a while you collect all the stuff you haven’t used in years or maybe never and you ask anyone around you (family, friends, co-workers) if they could use any of the stuff you don’t want. And surprisingly, they take it! Because these women have never bought the useless stuff before them and want to try it.

Recycling. And sort of hoarding.

Figure out what products you will continue to use on a daily basis and just buy those! Let’s stop making these careless impulse buys! We can try.

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