How To Choose The Best Hair Color


When you find the perfect hair color, you know it the instant you look in the mirror. It makes your skin glow. The color of your eyes will pop. You’ll have an overall healthy, beautiful appearance. Choosing the wrong color can detract from your natural features and make you look washed-out or sickly. Finding the perfect color doesn’t have to be an expensive trial-and-error process. Evaluate your skin tone to find a shade that matches your complexion.

Pale with Cool Undertones

If your skin is pale with cool blue or green undertones, try a warm golden blonde color. Golden shades will warm up your complexion, helping you to look awake and refreshed. Ashy shades, on the other hand, will blend in with your complexion, which can lead to a washed-out appearance.

Pale with Warm Undertones

Pale, freckled skin with undertones in a warm yellow works well with a golden red hair color. Red shades will compliment the yellow undertones and freckles, but going to bright or dark won’t work with pale skin.

Medium with Warm Undertones

Medium skin with warm, peachy undertones will look great with a dark, chocolatey brown hair color. Dark hair colors also help make light eye colors pop. Going to dark could look too harsh with warm undertones. Instead of going to dark, use a chocolatey brown and try highlights in a medium shade. Highlights that frame the face will soften the hair color and brighten the eyes.

Medium with Cool Undertones

Caramel shades work well with medium skin that has cool undertones. Caramel can bring extra warmth and make your skin glowingly radiant. Avoid shades that are too light, as they can give your skin and eyes a dull appearance. Also avoid shades that are very dark, because those shades can accentuate circles under your eyes.

Olive with Warm Undertones

If you have an olive complexion with warm undertones, try a rich, dark brown. Dark shades accentuate certain features on your face, which can be good or bad. If you have great lips and beautiful eyes, dark hair will enhance those features. If you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, dark hair will enhance that as well. If you go dark, stick with a warm, rich color that’s a few shades lighter than black to really bring out your olive complexion.

Dark with Warm Undertones

Dark skin with warm undertones looks fantastic with a dark auburn brown. This color will enhance the warm tones of the skin. If you want to stick with black or dark brown, try adding highlights in the darkest shades of auburn. Highlights will bring new life to your dark hair and give your skin a healthy, glowing appearance.

Changing the color of your hair can make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Make sure it’s a change for the better before you spend lots of money coloring your hair. Try finding samples of hair color products to test.

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